Episode 3: “Everybody Gonna Shine”

In our third episode of @queerandmarried we interview with @chanell.grace and talk about:

  • Owning your confidence for YOU

  • Becoming a better version of you.

  • The innovation of more accessible movement

  • Not taking scraps for love.

  • Presence over perfection

  • Visibility and Vulnerability

  • Refusing to ruin your own happiness

  • We more of this type of freedom.

  • You’re never alone in this.

Episode 2: Keep That Same Energy

In our second episode of @queerandmarried we talk about:

  • Pronouns. Stop apologizing. Start applying.

  • Who’s going to lead & who is going to follow?

  • How do you ensure your partner feels like a whole person?

  • How do you support your partners sexual expression?

  • Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert

  • You say you want a free woman until she shows you just how free she is.

Episode 1: Be Careful With Me

In our very first episode of @queerandmarried we talk about:

  • Why is Queer & Married important to us?

  • Cardi B & The Ex Chronicles

  • Autonomy & Owning It For Yourself

  • Dealing with our grief after heartbreak

  • What you can expect from us!